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Data Analytics

Drive information to action by achieving conclusive results through data analytics initiatives.
Driving the business value of Data Analytics
Source: Gartner

36% of survey respondents currently using automated augmented analytics.

75% of data stories predicted by 2025 will be automatically generated using augmented analytics techniques.

40% plan on using automated augmented analytics in the next year.

Leverage Data

Connect Enterprise-wide Insights

Generate business value from data and strategically pivot, mitigate risk, integrate, align and scale to drive growth.

Rapid Data Access

A proficient architectural design accommodates effective data set compartmentalisation and provides users with the ability to instantly pinpoint required data sets needed to accomplish the relevant workloads.

Future-proof Assets

Safeguard your technological assets by using organisational data requirements to make smarter investments by developing reusable, custom and multifunctional data products that are agile enough to evolve and support new use cases that emerge over time.

Release Untapped Potential

Empower your workforce with the right instruments and real-time insights, presented on the right devices, built on domain-specific platforms thats designed to help cross-functional teams and departments solve their unique business challenges.

Increase Pockets Of Growth

Drive business outcomes by basing critical business decisions on high-quality data and analytics and reduce data silos by decoupling data throughout the organisation to maximise its value.

Enhanced Adaptability

Curate data from multiple real-time data streams and create in-depth reports by harnessing analytics to release the tools needed in order to respond quickly to market demands and customers evolving needs.

Maximise Data Extraction

The digital spaces that we operate within produces data and with the help of technological advancements it's becoming possible to analyse workforce interactions and gain valuable insights.


Achieve conclusive results through data analytics-led initiatives

Business intelligence uses a fusion of best practices that enable access to a pool of context-enriched data analysis to help enhance the decision making process and improve performance.
Enhanced Decision Making

Leverage analytics to drive business insights, measure performance and progress and achieve conclusive results.

Project Integration

Strategic data lifecycles requires integrated design, configuration and deployment with ongoing operational management and specific desired deliverables.

Replace Siloed Structures

Establish a cohesive and transparent view of analytic-led data across all business functions whilst safeguarding data security.

Data Compartmentalisation

Managed scalable, reusable custom delivery models and data-sets with continuous integrated support.

Transform Data Into A Competitive Differentiator

Harness the power of data to achieve operational excellence by breaking down barriers through a sound executable strategy.
Strategic Analysis

Connect data to people by aligning data strategy to business goals. Empowering analytic-led decision making, releasing measurable and tangible returns from your investments in data analytics.

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Intelligent Advancements

The bedrock of modernising your data analytics environment and associated architecture begins with a well formulated executable strategy.

  • Data Analysis

    Examine business needs, define strategy, explore solutions and assess effectiveness.

    Leverage analytics to establish a plan for future growth by identifying challenges, waste and risks. All of which will help to provide solutions that will further streamline processes, establish a more competitive pricing model and increase overall output.
  • Innovate

    Transform user requirements and solutions into multiple unique modules.

    Abstract solutions that can be carried out independently, divide into functional aspects whilst maintaining a high level of cohesion with concurrent executions. This allows easier maintenance and management of components some of which are re-useable in future developments.
  • Micro-services

    Whether using a server or server-less environment the modularity enables continuous improvement and faster app updates.

    The frequency of which a multitude of solutions or functions are required are not always unison, micro-services has the ability to rapidly scale individual solutions or functions which help reduce costs by providing adequate granularity for resource allocation.
  • Automation

    Free up time spent on repetitive tasks to work on mission-specific projects.

    Generate more value from your workforce by allowing teams or employees to focus more on higher value tasks such as innovating and improving processes by removing work that can be automated.
  • Technical Support

    Assisting the workforce in getting accustomed to new features and updates improves overall maturity.

    Widespread user adoption and a more refined user experience is paramount in order to assure the success of rollouts therefor in addition to issue resolution, providing a support culture centred around best practices is another tool that can be useful to increase productivity.
  • Management

    Ensure compliance, standards and governance are consistently applied.

    Maintain data pipelines and functions in order to ensure a constant flow of real-time quality data needed to achieve core business outcomes whilst taking care of all the heavy lifting so the workforce can focus on executing business logic and delivering ongoing value.

Measure Performance

Increase Operational Effectiveness

Accelerate cloud transformation and make data accessible at scale with a lower cost of ownership. By empowering the workforce and providing company wide access to data that aligns with their functional domain-specific needs. Delivering better operational effectiveness and desired business outcomes with better quality data analysis.

Accelerate Analytic Adoption
As more and more companies are embarking on or accelerating their digital transformation there has also been an associated increase in the adoption of data analytics as a supporting tool. The use of data analytics is becoming more widespread throughout enterprises. There has been a significant increase in c-suite executives increasing investments in digital transformation across the board.
Analytic-led Solutions
Differentiate and establish your market position by leveraging data analytic-led solutions to identify and prioritise the full breadth of your abilities and domain expertise. Highlighting investments that create measurable value propositions which clearly display key tangible metrics of the value and benefits your clients stand to gain from your services or products.
Analyse and Pivot
Maximising a companies competitive advantage and keeping pace with a disruptive market is usually the driving factors behind pivoting towards or establishing a new trajectory. In-depth insights of business processes and external influences help facilitate a more seamless transition led by solutions that derive from patterns detected through advanced data analytics.

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