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Data And Cloud Governance

Cyberthreats and IT Governance Are Top Concerns for Auditors in 2023
Source: Gartner

42% of survey respondents expressed a high level of confidence in their ability to provide adequate assurance in this area.

66% of CIO’s top area’s for investment include cyber and information security.

Up to 80% of reduced downtime predicted by 2025 for organizations that invest in building digital immunity.

Establish Standardisation

Discover, cleanse, organise and automate data pipelines to enable data access through industry standard cloud infrastructure.

Align with corporate strategy and governance to build a culture that fosters DevOps adoption.

Reduce Spend

The agile nature of hybrid cloud architectures can support your ability to develop iterative and incremental development processes to manage unpredictability and complexity. Ultimately overcoming barriers through technological investments and reducing operational overheads.

Security In The Cloud

Cyber-security management tools are constantly becoming more sophisticated over time, equipping cloud applications with a more superior enterprise-grade holistic security than what is available for on-premises infrastructure which provides a more secure place to store customer and employee data.

Secure Remote Working

Providing employees and customers with seamless secure connectivity to data, applications and systems and the ability to accommodate remote working are part of the building blocks used to facilitate the design of a robust cloud environment.

Mitigate Risk

Risks associated with retaining business on ageing infrastructure limits the ability to adapt, compete, innovate and scale. Cloud infrastructure facilitates continuous innovation driving the ability to maintain a sustained competitive advantage and keeping pace with accelerated change.


Adopting a cloud environment acts as a key driver for continuous innovation

Take advantage of cloud native assets, providing further opportunities to innovate and drive growth.
Data-sharing Alignment

Align security practices with business strategy and decouple front and back office silos, removing fragmented data lifecycles.

Prioritise Innovation

Rigid legacy systems limits the ability to gain in-depth insights from data analysis stifling potential revenue streams.

Increased Maturity

Adopt a robust governance model to drive the corporate strategic road map.

Scale At Speed

Building new data platforms on the cloud prevents any scalability challenges.

Accelerate Resilience

Strengthen Security Governance And Compliance
Mitigate Hostile Connections

The infrastructure in which our systems and applications operate within benefit from a zero-trust policy.

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Secure Yet Transparent

Strict, regulated, centralised, company-wide data access policies can be used as a reassuring tool to verify that employees only have access to data thats required for them to carry out their job role.

Optimize Detection And Streamline Cloud Security Operations

Shaping Policy For The Digital Era

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Data Access Policy

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Data Quality

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Operational Intelligence


Knowledge of existing and new technological assets that can further improve and support metadata, workflow, quality and security management in addition to the techniques and tools required to provision, discover and automate valuable data. The tools that consist of data-quality assessment features and enable real-time data processing of data is a critical component of maintaining the integrity and quality of data, particularly unstructured data.


The increased architectural scale and complexity of next generation platforms require governance expanding functionalities in security, metadata, data quality, data warehouses, process automation, advanced analytics and a deep understanding of how to leverage new technologies to extrapolate maximum value from expanding and evolving data landscape in order to widen the information gap between you and your competitors.


You need to have established measures in place to identify and track core activities and how effective they are in achieving the required objectives which will ultimately determine how well governance and it's processes are performing. Metric data can then be used to highlight implementation patterns, methods and engagement models that are not in alignment with management standards and processes and that needs further development.

Accelerate Modernisation

Ring-fence siloed legacy systems and create decoupled hybrid cloud environments seamlessly through data pipelines.

Forming a coherent data strategy leveraging data through a micro-service based ecosystem delivering a comprehensive approach catering to cross-functional needs and maximising returns from your data. Upon verification, validation and approval of all data integration initiatives and business objectives being in-line with cloud strategy, you can now take advantage of full scale cloud adoption.

  • Optimise Insights

    A well-formulated robust data strategy helps determine business objectives, enables exploitation of diverse data sets, personalises customer interactions and streamlines overall workflow leading to greater customer and employee satisfaction, longer customer and employee retention. All helping to deliver meaningful business outcomes.Continuous system insight is also needed to support data architecture modernisation which is required to maintain high quality data amongst evolving regulatory complexities and an evolving market place.

  • Accountability

    Clear and concise policies describing the guidelines and principles used to enforce data management standards and governing processes in accordance with agreed upon roles, responsibilities and established ownership for data management practices implemented in cross-functional teams and departments need to be enforced. Along with well defined data-pipelines, data creation, and management processes all required to conform with data quality standards enabling accurate data to be leveraged across all technological components.

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Keep track of what's happening with your data, change permissions, and run reports against your data anywhere in the world. Keep track of what's happening with your data, change permissions.

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