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CFOs Are Targeting Resources at Functions That Drive Top Line Growth
Source: Gartner

Sales enablement budgets will increase by 50% within the next five years as a way to address shifting buyer preferences, boost seller effectiveness and drive revenue growth.

80% of respondents ranked digital channel effectiveness as “very or extremely important,” along with employee performance, development and quality assurance.

59% of customer service and support leaders plan to devote more resources to improving, automating or eliminating inefficient processes.

Contingency Workforce


Transform insights into advantages, increase available resources and drive growth.

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Contingent Workforce Management

Optimise how you manage your contingent workforce.
A well-defined contingent workforce strategy helps support organisations to ...
  • Operate at full capacity
  • Meet market demands
  • Boost client satisfaction
  • Strengthen competitiveness
  • Increase speed to market
  • Refine or expand products & services
  • Capabilities

    End-to-end workforce customisation and requirement-driven staff modelling for the external workforce.

    Responsive Workforce

    Ability to increase staffing levels within a compressed timeframe in response to new developments.

    Digital Talent Profile

    Unambiguous identification of critical roles by skill, function and knowledge. Avoiding mis-classification and misalignment of contingent workers.

    Resource Management

    Identify, map and secure workforce resources required for current and future use.

    Sourcing Framework

    Incorporate established and emerging contingent workforce categories to maximise total output and manage costs.

    Intelligent Operations

    Extract Value In The Age Of Digital Disruption

    Elevate key drivers that increase operational maturity.

    Cross-functional Cooperation

    Operational data should be visible and accessible to all related stakeholders, providing greater insights into the overall added value of the contingent workforce.

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    Cross-functional Cooperation
    Aligning Strategy With Tomorrows Demands

    A data-centric approach is necessary when aligning internal business drivers and goals with evolving market developments impacting businesses.

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    Aligning Strategy With Tomorrows Demands
    Skill Gap Analysis

    Sourcing the right capabilities necessary to meet future goals and bridge current gaps.

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    Skill Gap Analysis

    Solution Integration

    Strive For Operational Excellence

    Leverage the contingent workforce to operate at full capacity and improve the customer experience.
    Resilient By Design
    With many companies facing challenges over skills shortages and rising competition to attract talent, it’s critical that systems provide the comprehensive functionalities needed to help overcome such challenges. Whilst also being agile enough to help withstand volatile economic conditions and heightened competition for sought-after skills.
    Candidate-driven Modelling
    Adopting a requirement-led approach early in the design process provides an environment for innovation to thrive. Addressing challenges in the model formation stages provides scope to curate specific technologies and recommend implementation strategies suited to best combat barriers to operational excellence.
    Mitigate Risks
    Identify critical drivers, uncertainties and priorities. Develop plausible outcomes and discuss potential implications, estimating the possible seriousness of risks and it's likelihood. This will help to establish a risk mitigation strategy, incorporating it into adaptive planning which can be designed to respond to changing circumstances.

    Standardise Contingency Process

    Gain deeper insights by increasing visibility and transparency of contingency workers and improve efficiency whilst combating physical and digital security breaches through the automated logging and analysis of:

  • Data and system access policies
  • Documented work & deliverables
  • Controlled access to facilities
  • Barriers for unauthorised spend
  • Value from classified spend
  • Regulatory compliance
  • .........

    Leverage Workforce Data

    Capturing and using a wide range of metrics and measures to analyse workforce data equips companies with the insights they need in order to increase and further develop their capabilities. Producing a more robust workforce and gaining a deeper understanding of how multiple factors operate and how they are co-dependant. Implementing the right measures are vital to understanding the correlation between skills investment and improvement in levels of output and quality, all of which can help guide strategy.

    Modernise And Transform The Way You Use Data

    Data’s value is dependant on it’s quality and it’s application. Make data more accessible and ready to feed multiple consumption models.
    Pivot On A Whim

    Well designed contingent workforce solutions afford companies the ability to pivot on a whim, expand their sphere of capabilities and drive innovation.

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    Contract Management

    Enable businesses to extract greater value from their contingent workforce and achieve better business outcomes.

    Dedicated job functions

    Grouping various job functions into job families and placing people into different competency levels.

  • Sustained revenue growth
  • Fluid job appraisals
  • Well defined pay structure
  • Improved talent management
  • Established training needs
  • Well defined responsibilities
  • Workforce Skills Analysis

    Measuring current workforce skill-sets against the skill-sets required in the next 5 years helps understand how best to implement the required changes. Analysing factors required for current and future roles, identifying different types of job families, functions, roles and competencies within the company and segment roles by value.

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