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About Us

At Greycell we maximize opportunities and enable further alignment of process, policies and objectives.

Who we are

We coordinate, design, build and maintain complex solutions to further streamline process and data across cross-functional multidisciplinary teams and departments whilst improving targeted inefficiencies using technological accelerators to increase productivity and drive growth.

What we offer

The continuous evolution of technological advancements coupled with the operational cohesiveness of data, applications and cloud infrastructure breaks all conventional rules. Allowing endless opportunities to create innovative future-proof systems that optimise and automate business practices to increase operational efficiency and productivity.

  • Strategically align applications, HR, data and business processes to improve operating models
  • Enhance competitive advantage by accelerating time to market
  • Deploy innovative measures on robust, agile and scalable architecture
  • Continuously build talent pipelines to fulfil current and emerging needs
  • Personalised training modules and continuous technical support
  • Track and measure return on technological investments
  • Our culture and purpose

    Business process driven application models do not come pre-assembled in a “one-size-fits-all” package. Rigid legacy systems stifle innovative ways to add value and “off-the -shelf” systems can be limited in scope. At Greycell everything from the architecture to the cloud services and everything in between is designed with company specific policies, processes, practices and objectives in mind, subsequently creating a leaner more agile system and a greater return on technological investments.
    Nelson Gilpin CEO

    Using outdated IT infrastructure or multiple siloed applications?
    Let's begin with exploring pockets in your operations where you can leverage IT to reduce overheads, streamline process and increase revenue.
    Requirement-driven modelling
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    Influence process through design
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    Offset budgetary restrictions
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    Shape customer-centric work models

    Improve the tools employees believe they need in order for them to perform at full capacity ...

    Reduce waste and drive growth through efficient sourcing

    Acquire the right skill, through the right channel, in the right place and at the right cost.

    Shaping policies for the digital era

    As the use and scale of structured and unstructured data evolves so should the policies that govern it.


    Deploy assets needed to withstand disruption and increase market share
    Develop innovative concepts that augments your enterprises unique capabilities
    Contextual KPI

    Capture and measure how employees interact with co-workers.

    Technological Edge

    Keep pace with rapid technological advancements.

    Manage Personnel

    Align culture, structure, workflow and business objectives.

    Custom Logic

    Use feedback to influence development cycles & refine the user experience.

    Skill Gap Analysis

    Apply the right principles to align skills with the desired output.

    Remote Collaboration

    Utilise flexible work-models to connect and collaborate when necessary.

    Measure Change

    Gain insight into the effectiveness of the acquired assets.

    Employee Retention

    Effective career-related mentoring increases employee drive & loyalty.

    Adapt To A Changing Landscape

    Extend the scope of technological advancements across departments to improve business functions
    Data Access Policy

    Defining different abstraction layers and permissions in regards to who has access to what data when, requires a high level of attention when managing data.

    Intelligent Advancements

    Target pockets earmarked for investment, resource allocation and clear performance targets that breakdown how value will be created and delivered.

    Optimize Detection And Streamline Cloud Security Operations

    Reward Strategy

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    Domain Driven Solutions

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    Cost Of Performance Measurement

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    Maintain Authority Without Technical Responsibility

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    Intelligent Operations

    Extract Value In The Age Of Digital Disruption

    Elevate key drivers that increase operational maturity.

    Maximise User Adoption

    Including senior and junior stakeholders in the design process will help with implementation down the line as there will be a proud sense of ownership at roll-out.

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    Maximise User Adoption
    Cross-functional Co-operation

    Improved cooperation also helps establish a platform where staff can better coordinate with contingent workers for optimal output.

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    Cross-functional Co-operation
    Data Quality

    Design data products with proper governance including but not limited to life cycle management, ownership, decision rights, accountability framework and security.

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    Data Quality
    Strategic Partnerships

    Allocate the technical execution to skilled cloud practitioners.

    Align Strategy

    Align business drivers with evolving market developments.

    Reduce Risk

    Implement preventative measures to mitigate hostile connections.

    Performance Metrics

    There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to managing performance.

    Customer-focused Initiatives

    Insert a standard of excellence at every step of the customer journey

    Providing an interactive customer experience throughout the entire pre & post purchasing lifecycle gives valuable insights which can be used to help customers achieve the optimum value from their purchase.
  • Leverage business functions as a customer service
  • Adopt a proactive customer engagement strategy
  • Adapt how products & services are made based on customer feedback
  • Reduce customer effort
  • Advancements

    Path To Operational Maturity

    Build the agility and resilience needed to keep generating greater overall business value.
    Secure Yet Transparent

    Remove any potential challenges for dismantling restrictive silos and adopting a 360-degree view.

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    Contract Management

    Enable business to extract greater value from their contingent workforce and achieve better business outcomes.

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    Strategic Analysis

    Unleash analytic-led decision making and release measurable and tangible returns from your investments in data analytics.

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    Valuable Insights

    Enable the ability to adopt a proactive strategy responding to customers desired outcomes, preferences and behaviours.

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    Keep track of what's happening with your data, change permissions, and run reports against your data anywhere in the world. Keep track of what's happening with your data, change permissions.

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