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Survey Identifies Priorities for CFOs in 2023
Source: Gartner

90% of respondents evaluating functional strategy and design.

80% of 157 CFOs plan to either lead or be significantly involved with setting finance’s technology strategy and road map.

77% of 157 CFOs want to improve staff engagement.

Streamline Employee Operations

Rethink Work Architectures To Increase Value

Defining and designing enterprise capabilities fit for the digital era.

Innovative Processes

In addition to conventional routines, having the option to add further measures to expand when and where work is performed and how and what missions are to be executed can further utilise technology and cross-functional teams. Pooling resources together that delivers optimum results.

Evidence-based Modelling

Ultimately there are many tried and tested evidence-based models that can provide useful insights during the designing phase of a requirement-driven performance model.

Hybrid Workforce

Well-designed innovative work models deliver ultimate choice, agility and adaptability for mission-critical applications. Enabling a robust environment for a hybrid workforce to thrive within, leveraging tailored work models and cloud-based solutions to solve distinctive challenges.

Accelerate Automation

Transition from a limited use of automation to widespread automated adoption and release business value through technology and further implement automation for repetitive tasks in order to free up employees to focus on strategic decision making.

Future Proof

Designing systems from the ground up provides a window of opportunity to strategically pivot and build an architecturally robust workforce model for a post-covid era, positioning your workforce to better withstand future disruption.

Autonomy And Customisation

Empowering teams to personalise self-governing environments to best achieve the desired outcomes in the most effective manner. Re-engineering processes to make them more lean and agile.


The Power Of Choice

Leveraging digital tools and agile work models to execute tasks helps to mobilise workforces, increase employee output and withstand disruption in the form of hybrid operating models.
Acceleration Pockets

Identify areas that can benefit from a flexible mix of digital functionalities that is better designed to meet employees needs in order to drive productivity.

Cost Effective Training

Promote business activities, employee behaviour and values that supports strategic goals and objectives through training staff on new improved adopted practices.

Functional Ownership

Break functional silos to ensure end-to-end ownership of results, giving better insights into performance.

Team Autonomy

Expand autonomous environments for better team autonomy and shift functional hierarchies to team-centric work models.

Contextual Performance

Capture and measure how employees interact with co-workers ...

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Performance Metrics

Establish digital processes to keep track of, maintain and improve performance.

Cost Of Performance Measurement

Rely less on bias subjective measures of performance...

Reward Strategy

Designing, building and implementing a merit-based reward system.


Start with the customer, work backwards and craft excellence

Structured, strategy-driven investments in the technological advancements of core value streams.
  • Increased revenue
  • Reduced waste
  • Identify talent to fill future business-critical & leadership positions
  • Improved employee engagement & customer retention
  • Employee retention initiatives
  • Better workforce training programmes
  • Adaptive funding models
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    Performance Management

    Data captured for measuring performance is critical to the workforce decision making process, providing management with the insights to make more informed evidence based decisions. Also providing staff with real-time metrics on where they rank in terms of productivity, encouraging a culture of employees with continuous incentives to strive to do better. Developmental programs can also benefit from performance related data needed to better align employees with training programs with the aim of improving team effectiveness and driving growth.

    Adaptive Performance

    Capture the effectiveness of how employees adapt to unexpected change in operational environments. Possible actions worth monitoring and including in the design process are but not limited to the ability to produce a high level of work output, cope with work pressure, handle crisis situations, solve problems creatively, learn new tasks, procedures and skills and propose new effective ways of working and participating in change initiatives.


    Path To Operational Maturity

    Build the agility and resilience needed to keep generating greater overall business value.
    Leadership And Personnel Management

    Customise applications to the organisation's own culture, structure, workflow and business objectives.

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    Employee Retention Strategy

    Aligning the right employee with the right job with a high retention rate plays a fundamental role in the organisational stratagem.

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    Local And Remote Collaboration

    Traditional workspaces have stood the test of time for a reason.

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    Unique Challenges Require Unique Solutions

    Companies in their respective industry may share comparable objectives but the policies, procedures and processes applied

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